Authentic Connections

With a base in three decades of scientific research, Authentic Connections is a non-profit group committed to maximizing individuals' personal well-being and resilience in their communities, schools, and work settings.

AC / NAIS Pilot

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Authentic Connections is very excited to announce a new pilot with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to bring the High Achieving Schools Survey to eight NAIS member schools.

Authentic Connections / NAIS Pilot

Authentic Connections is very excited to announce a new pilot with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to bring the High Achieving Schools Survey to eight NAIS member schools.
NAIS is a nonprofit membership association that provides services to more than 1,800 schools and associations of schools in the United States and abroad. Through this new pilot project, eight member schools will receive partial funding from NAIS to participate in the High Achieving Schools Survey.
NAIS will contribute half of the standard fees associated with the study for eight of its member schools. For schools that would like one in-person results presentation from Dr. Luthar, the school will contribute $3,500 and NAIS will contribute $3,500. An enhanced package is also available that includes a series of three talks to faculty, the community, and students. For the enhanced package, schools will contribute $6,000 and NAIS will contribute $6,000. Schools will also cover travel and lodging costs associated with Dr. Luthar’s visit to the school.
If you are interested in participating in this survey or have any additional questions please contact Nina Kumar, VP of Operations at Authentic Connections, or Carol Bernate, Research Assistant at NAIS.

What We Do

We help people foster resilience by drawing on strong and supportive relationships in their everyday environments

Who We Work With

Individuals in high-stress environments, including
  • Parents under stress
  • Professionals, especially women, in positions of leadership and mentorship
  • Educators and students in high-acheiving schools
  • Professionals in high-stress careers including veterans, first-responders, and health care providers.

What people are saying

Luthar is the country’s leading expert on resilience in adolescents, and her work in high-achieving schools is in a league of its own. This is a top-notch scientist and also a skilled, experienced clinical psychologist and educator, who has a deep understanding of issues unique to high-pressure school contexts. Based on her surveys, Luthar conveys — with both compassion and precision -- the specific areas that particular communities must prioritize in maximizing well-being of their young.

Rachel Simmons
Co-founder of Girls Leadership and author of “Odd Girl Out,” “The Curse of the Good Girl” and “Enough As She Is"
As someone who has benefitted greatly from Dr Luthar’s meticulous scholarship, I am delighted to see her systematically focus on enhancing supportive relationships. In a culture that too often promotes individuality over communality, Authentic Connections offers a much needed antidote. Whether in the home, the school, or the workplace, relational support - both accepting and extending warmth, experience, and support - make the difference between isolation and a sense of connection. Great work Dr. Luthar and Authentic Connections. Now if we only had you in every school and every workplace!

Madeline Levine, PhD
Co-founder, Challenge Success, Stanford Graduate School of Education, Bestselling author of The Price or Privilege and Teach Your Children Well
I cannot overstate how important Dr. Luthar's work has been to our work in independent schools. As a practicing educator, I am constantly citing her research to faculty, parents, and students as we walk about creating a school environment that promotes healthy, prosocial behavior. I am proud to have shared what I have learned working with her at several conferences, and am flattered to remain in her orbit as she continues to do incredibly important and much needed research in schools.

Bradley S. Philipson, Ph.D.
Former Assistant Head of School for Academics, Fort Worth Country Day School (TX), Founding High School Principal, Young Audiences Charter School (LA)

"Dr. Luthar provided us with robust data on our local high school and identified key priorities for intervention in our community. Not only did she present us with a rigorous scientific perspective, but she addressed our community with passion, empathy and warmth. The balance of both her credibility as a researcher and her relatability as a parent enabled the audience to be receptive to her message.”

Genevieve Eason
Wilton Youth Council